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GPS Golf Watch by 60beat Free


GPS Golf Watch by 60beat is an accurate, reliable, and FREE Golf GPS Range FinderIt works great on your Bluetooth Enabled Android or with the compatible 60beat Ranger Golf Watch
* A Free GPS rangefinder with distance to front, center and back of the green
* Over 34,000 golf courses mapped Worldwide
* Super simple interface designed for long battery life for your Android phone
* Connects directly with your 60beat Ranger golf watch….you can leave your Android phone in your golf bag and get the data right on your watch or just use the app alone.
* Watch works like a standard digital sports watch but it has the added feature of a Golf Range Finder
Take strokes off your game with smart golf information:
* Accurate distance information, rivaling any other app or $300 device.
* View a satellite photo of the hole you are playing.
* Zoom in on the green and see distance to front/middle/back
RANGER Golf Watch
* Easy to setup, takes less than 2 minutes
* Press Range button, watch wakes up and connects to your Android phone. The smartphone sends the data via Bluetooth to the watch, then the watch turns off the Bluetooth. 3 years or more with a normal watch battery. No recharging required.
* Watch has standard sport watch features, Time of Day, Alarm and Stopwatch. Pair with your Android and it sets time and date automatically
Why 60beat?
* We’ve been making innovative App enabled products for more than 4 years.
* We make easy to use products that provide the essential information you are looking from your smartphone.
NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.